Mr. Venkatachari Muralidharan

V. Muralidharan completed his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Post-Diploma in Metallurgy. He was also awarded International Welding Technologist by International Institute of Welding Foundry Technology training from Akron Standards, USA, in the year 1985.

He has 53 years of experience in the field of Fabrication welding, quality control, training and skill development in welding. He carried out services to many organisations in India and Abroad starting from 1967. Some of the organisations served by Mr. Muralidharan are L&T-McNeil  Ltd (Chennai), B H P V Ltd (Vishakapatnam), H Young & Co – UK (East Africa), Rom International (West Africa), Past Chairman / Honorary Secretary and now a Permanent Invitee of IIW India Chennai Branch, National Council Member of IIW India, Kolkata (from 1980 to 1990), Examiner for International Institute of Welding / IIW India welder training programs, Committee member of Kenyan Bureau of Standards for preparing a couple of National Standards at Kenya. Expert panel member for preparing books by NIMI for CCI of India in welding and carrying out from 2007, the Training and Consultancy services for various Industries under the banner Ennappan Consultants, Chennai.

Over the years, with sheer enthusiasm, Mr. Muralidharan has been conducting various tailor-made programs to suit Industry needs for their engineers, supervisors, welders and operators for various levels in welding technology, quality, safety, welder qualifications, codes and standards. To encourage students to get into the field of welding, he has also given several guest lectures in welding technology in many engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in IIT Madras for Engineering students to pursue their students in welding.

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