Mr. Deepak Acharya

Mr. Deepak Acharya is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer at INOX India Pvt. Limited. He is known for manufacturing expertise, exceptional leadership qualities and his mentorship/coach to many business units within the organization. Read on to know what he has to say about his achievements in the field of welding.

I am a Mechanical Engineer from National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I did my Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Finance from Nirma Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

I have always believed in dreaming big and aiming high. A dream that can give you an effortless sleep, and an aim that can draw sleepless efforts from you. I urge everyone to have a flexible approach and adapt to innovative solutions. That’s the only way to keep winning your customers.

I began my career with M/s. Hero Honda, where I was responsible for welding and process planning and product development. Joined Advani Oerlikon in 1990 as a Product Specialist and was gradually promoted to the position of Sub Area Manager, handling key accounts in Western Region of India. Took over as Chief Operations Officer (COO) for INOX India in 2013 and later moved on to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for INOX India in 2018. My initiatives in new product development and market strategies has contributed consistently to the company’s progress. I am known for manufacturing expertise; exceptional leadership qualities and I continue to mentor/coach business units within the organization. I guide strategy and oversee the improvement of key functions like Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality, Procurement, Product development, Customer relations and profitability of India Operations.

My biggest achievement is the fact that the passion that drew me to study welding technology never goes dry. A testimony to this fact is that I am the Vice President, Western Region, Indian Institute of Welding, and have just concluded my Chairmanship of the Baroda Branch. I love my subject, pursing it and I have always had a ball.

In 1996, we supplied Nitrogen storage tanks for a Particle Physics research project in Geneva that studied properties of accelerating particles. From 2000-2004, we developed the entire cryogenic system for the Second Launch Pad (SLP) project at Sriharikota in less than 4 years. Recently, we developed a stainless steel thermo-vacuum chamber for ISRO Ahmedabad’s Bopal Centre. This vacuum chamber simulates space conditions on earth and test payloads. The GSAT-29 was tested in this chamber of a payload of nearly 3.5 tones. Apart from this, we also supplied liquid Helium cryolines for a nuclear fusion reaction project by ITER in France. Cryogenic tanks are double walled vessels with inner vessels made out of austenitic stainless steel. We also manufacture Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vessels for satellite stations, marine applications, city-gas distribution (CGD) and LNG and LCNG (Liquid to Compressed Natural Gas) fuel stations. We are now eyeing to reduce pollution due to vehicle emissions by means of stainless-steel LNG fuel tanks for buses and trucks. By 2020, these 450 liter tanks will help heavy-duty vehicles cover a stretch of nearly 500-600 kms without any refueling.

A physically exhausting hobby takes you a long way and helps you become more agile. For me, they are swimming and cycling. I take pride in the fact that I do not have any major failures in life.

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