The Hunnarbaaz series: Introduction to Hospitality skills and jobs

Tourism and hospitality is one of the important industry sectors generating thousands of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurship. This article introduces you to the opportunities to learn and develop your competencies for a fascinating career in this industry. Whether you a passionate student of a job seeker, the videos below will guide you for courses in this sector and employment options.  If you are a training provider, you could explore ways to scale up your impact through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) by aligning your goals with Skill India mission through MSDE and NSDC.

Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) was formed by the industry, and promoted by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with financial support from NSDC. TSDC plays a key role in creating as sustainable ecosystem in this industry by catering to the skill and knowledge requirements of sub sectors Hotels, Tour Operators, Food Service Restaurants, Facilities Management and Cruise Liners. Click here to know more about THSC.

India is a country of diverse culture and food. Every region in India has its own delicacies in food. This variety in food attracts tourists. Indian food is very popular and every big city in the world has restaurants that serve Indian food. There is a need for about two lakh professionals every year to meet the demands of the industry hence there is a need for vocational training institutes. Hospitality sector is the 2nd or 3rd in terms of job creation and GDP contribution. As you can see in the video the hospitality industry is mainly divided into 2 sectors

Courses in Food and Service sectors

The Service industry comprises of the following services

  1. Front office management– This involves handling check in, check out and all reservation related activities. 10th or 12th pass candidates can apply.
  2. Porter service – This involves taking care of the customers’ luggage and transport needs. Entry level candidates earn Rs. 6000 to 10000  as salary

The food sector is divided into the following three divisions

  1. Bakery – Cakes, chocolates and confectioneries, etc. form a part of this section
  2. Speciality kitchen – Thai, Mughlai, Continental, South Indian food and the like are a part of this section
  3. Cold section – Salads, Sandwiches and delicacy foods are included in this section also known as garde manger.

Hospitality management requires personality attributes like interaction with people, standing long hours. Not all attributes are required from the start but if candidates have the right mindset they can be trained in these areas.

All this wonderful food needs to be served to customers by adept stewards. The need for stewards is also there in railways, airlines and business services in addition to hotels and restaurants.

Several institutes offer low cost, small and short term courses in personality management, food and beverage services, kitchen services etc. which help trainees acquire the various skills required in the hospitality industry. Trainees upon completion of these courses aim to get into 5 star hotels. IL&FS Institute in Bhubaneswar is one of the main institutes offering these type of skill based training.

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