National Skills Network – NSN is India’s first digital platform that captures and shares the positive impact of skill development in India. It covers news and views on vocational training, skill development and employability skills through Skill Stories, Skill Talks and Skill2Jobs.

We believe that each skill is important and it has its own value in turning knowledge into performance and enhancing productivity.

Enabling a skilled ecosystem in India

Our vision is to connect people with skills by facilitating interaction between the  key stakeholders – industry, training partners, academia, trainees/students and government. The website presents news, stories, events, skilling best practices, case studies, researched reports that bring out the challenges of engaging, enabling and empowering people through education and training.  We are driven by the cause of aspirational value of skilling and upskilling and how it can make a remarkable difference to one’s life, society and economy.

We would be happy to extend and enhance your contribution to skill development in India

  • Identifying the skill gaps in various industry sector job roles and presenting relevant examples about how the gaps were filled through different training initiatives
  • Technology enabled projects that are making vocational training easily accessible and affordable in rural and semi-urban areas
  • Convey the skill and competencies based expectations from the industry to training partners and students
  • How industry initiated training programs are helping in meeting the skilling targets in respective industry verticals
  • Role of academic institutions in creating awareness about vocational training at school and college levels and complementing the curriculum
  • How early skilling and upskilling contributes to better productivity and self-employment for both formal and informal employment
  • Need for decentralized training and certification implemented through PPP model
  • Measuring effectives and efficiency of training through various participatory research studies using qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Strategies for scaling up skill based training for better livelihood and sustained social inclusion, through optimum use of UG colleges, ITIs, polytechnics and engineering colleges
  • Opportunities for students and job seekers to proactively understand the expectations from the industry in terms of required skills for various job roles

Audience and visibility

NSN attracts niche audience from the skill space and ever since it was launched as a dedicated platform in February 2016, we have a wide range of visitors from India and several other countries.

Social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

We regularly share our posts on social media channels and particularly our Facebook posts have attracted good attention.

Skill Times mobile app on skill development

On the occasion of World Skills Day 2016 we launched India’s first Android app on skill development. Here’s the link to download the app:


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