Skill development and vocational education in India: An orientation workshop

“National Skills Network (NSN) has recently launched an interactive workshop series called the “NSN Catalyse”. The interactive orientation workshop is titled “Skill development and vocational education in India: An online orientation workshop”.

About the workshop

Did you know that by 2030, a third of world’s working age population is going to be from India! Demographic dividend is yet to be realized in our country. This is where skill development becomes crucial in increasing productivity, income and job creation. National Education Policy 2020 has also mandated to closely integrate skills and education for enhancing youth employability.

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Know more about our facilitator

Madhuri Dubey

Key takeaways from the workshop

  • Skill development in India – story so far

  • Initiatives, stakeholders, impact

  • Insights from NEP 2020

  • Ways to strengthen the skilling ecosystem


Date: September 03rd, 2022

Time: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

Participant fee per person: Rs. 499/- 

Certification: Based on participation in the workshop

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    Participant Testimonials

    We have successfully organised the last four batches of our workshop series – NSN Catalyse. There was a tremendous response to the workshop and all the participants actively participated in the interactivity. On time management front too, we scored high with a good balance of activities and knowledge sharing. The workshop highlighted how each one of us can contribute to the ecosystem and make skilling aspirational.

    We are happy to share the testimonials of the attendees who shared their views and opinions on the workshop.

    The workshop was very informative and was conducted in a participative manner.

    Little more discussion oriented will be good

    It was very informative and eye opening… was able to know about latest trends and changes in VET area.

    It was a wonderful session and very interesting. Almost all the part was covered very nicely from Madhuri Ma’am about Skill development sector in India. Also, good that we know about Odisha ITI system.
    The presentation was very nice and well described the subject.

    No doubt as the program is providing various important information about various schemes. As a trainer i am always looking for better opportunity in the skill echo system so as a part of program their should be more information about various industry partners so that the trainer like me can apply the open position which is available with training partners, stockholders.

    Very informative and well executed. It provided balanced approach to Vocational education and Skill development training in India. The NEP 2020 is discussed well in perspective of Vocational education and Skill development trainings.
    I hope more and more sessions will come from NSN. I wish all the best to NSN for its future endeavours.

    I found the workshop very informative and interactive. It helped in understanding the vast ecosystem of skill development through the informative session and provided the platform for sharing the ideas from the mix of participants coming from various Sector Skill Councils, NGOs, etc. It gave an understanding of the current situation of the skill development in India which would help to strategize the skill development processes more efficiently.
    The presentation was very nice and well described the subject.

    George Bernard Shaw

    AVP, HDFC Bank

    The workshop has been structed in a very nice way and was quite interactive. These kind of workshops in the days to come will help in brining people who are passionate of skill development in the country.

    Lot more to go and to be done in NEP. If NEP becomes a Act then we will be able to see significant changes in the education and skill development.

    I suggest NSN to come up with more videos or sessions on career guidance and orientation on various futuristic job roles.

    Congratulate Madhuri and Team for doing such a fabulous work through NSN and would love to continue my association with NSN in the days to come.

    To be honest, I had enjoyed the session throughout. Understanding the Ecosystem of Skilled Education and the ways to increase the employment of young generation was very insightful and worth talking in my eyes. Being into the Education Sector for more than 20+ years, I can say that Vocational Training and Skilled Education is the key to improve the future of coming generation by preparing them for upcoming challenges and by providing them the employment.

    As I was unaware of the fact that what initiatives the Government of India is taking in order to improve the Skilled Education and Vocational Training it was altogether very insightful for me.

    From the session I got to know new facts and things that are must if one is talking about Vocational Education and that was fore sure has been very helpful for me.

    It was really good , informative and interactive . Nice experience to attend he same.

    We must motivate the important stake holders directors , dy directors , joint directors of different state skill development department to understand what is happening , how different new opportunities are there for young aspirants where these departments can hep them to shape their career by providing latest infrastructure based – hands-on training on different skills.

    The workshop covered the relevant topics in this ever dynamic skill development scenario in India. From Apprenticeship to NEP 2020, the crisp nature of the workshop helped in getting more clarity on familiar topics in skill development and employment generation. The most interesting part was the discussion and opinion/experience sharing from people of different background on skills. Hoping to attend some more sessions.

    Absolute eye opener and a great way to learn more about the vocational skills platform. It also helped me in understanding the various schemes/initiatives for the development of skill education. And also allowed me to learn a lot from various people who participated.

    Jeevan Kumar Chidambaram

    Development Worker, QUEST Alliance

    The workshop was very well structured. Apart from sharing the basic details of skilling ecosystem with emerging trends, there was also space for Q&A and good discussion. In terms of suggestion , more time could have been arranged for all participants to share about their work and learnings – such discussions could have happened in breakout rooms and a larger sharing could have happened later. Also the intro request on WhatsApp could have been shared

    The workshop is an eye opener for knowing skill development initiatives-journey, National education policy.
    The workshop brought the like minded people together.
    I gained the views of co participants too.
    Happy to have joined the skills Network.
    It would have been better if organiser had given break in 3hr long session.
    Thanks to the founder NSN Ms. Madhuri for keeping interest towards skills development.

    Great After years we are giving recognition to Vocational courses/ Trainings.
    It was a thorough research and well presented. NEP2020 will change the whole scenario.
    Would like to be part of this initiative .Kindly brief how?
    Thanks a lot NSN team
    God bless

    The workshop was very useful and we learned that where we have to focus for strengthen the skill trainings.

    Shanthala Anil Bhat

    Teacher, Amrita Vidyalayam

    Work shop was interactive and given idea about the skill development and integration of skill.
    Need more information about the skill hubs and other skill training courses.

    It was such a interactive and useful workshop.
    Got to learn various new things which will help me a lot in my future endeavors.
    Such a impressive and helpful session it was

    Brij Kishore Singh

    Tata Steel Foundation

    It was a very useful and constructive workshop. Dignity of labour is one major aspect we need to look in to.

    Workshop is good and full of knowledge l liked the activity part very much.

    Very good Workshop enjoyed discussion knowledge enhancement. Want to join again and again when call for workshop like this. Thanks

    Thank you! Course was very good and met my expectations. I think all participants should benefit from this course .A well run and organized course. Thanks. Enjoyable and very enlightening. Good exercises bought constant reinforcement to aid learning process.

    Jayapaul Madalimuthu

    GMR Varalakshmi Foundation

    The training content is very useful and informative. the presentation could have been presented by one or more resource person would have been more interesting.

    Nidhi Sharma

    UnLtd India

    Learnt about highlights and overview of Education policy. The interactive activities were good, may be we can have more of those. We can also ask all participants how they are implementing what they learnt, few months down the line.

    It was a great pleasure and value addition presentation and interaction attending this session. From an educational institute perspective we came across many important features , ideas and avenues which could be of immense benefit for our both Teachers and students mainly from rural areas. Fortunately we are situated very close to a large industrial area and this could be a great advantage for our school and higher education college students.

    Firstly thank you team NSN for arranging a fruitful workshop where we had interesting interaction with everyone on various topics related to Education, and factors which hold back the weaker section of the society to get minimum education and also for the dropout’s who don’t have any idea what to do further in life for getting a basic living. The initiative taken by your team is really appreciable as this will not only solve the illeteracy rate in various parts of India but also motivate them to build self confidence in themselves, We had various sectors present in the workshop including our INDIAN IRON AND STEEL SECTOR SKILL COUNCIL which i think all should combine and contribute towards spreading Skill Development in every individual.
    Also to spread awareness and initiate various workshops in not only all states but with our neighbouring countries as well
    Looking forward to connect with each other and give a helping hand in Skill Development.

    Skill development tends to become an important factor to each and everyone of us. The workshop was a great platform to know and to connect with various individuals from different organizations, and carry out discussions on the related topic, knowing things statistically opens up a lot of ideas, Webinars like this help us to know more about the current situation and also provides an opening for some, India is a developing country is we need more of skilled individuals, I hope each and everyone of works towards the same goal of achieving this.
    Thank you.

    Workshop was interesting and very informative. thankyou

    It was a very useful and informative session. I have learned a lot of things. I would like to get the opportunity to join such programs in future.

    Very well organised and informative.

    The Online Interactive workshop on skill development and vocational education was a great way to get updated on the journey of skilling in India and the latest insights and trends due to the new NEP 2020 thereby changing the way we look at skilling and fundamental changes which are coming in this sector. The best part was the way we can strengthen the ecosystem by integration of the vocational education with Academic Learning thereby giving the new generation ways to enter and exit the formal education multiple times.

    Suggestions and feedback:

    • The workshop was great and format was appropriate; initial setting expectation can be 1st slide to ensure we all are at one page
    • The use of chat for instant answers for various activities or impromptu questions can be used for participation from one.
    • How contribution to the online community for the industry which you mentioned can be done can be 1 small session when the NSN website was shown